Wednesday, 19 March 2008

A day out at Kew Gardens

Not having planned on blogging for a while, I had such a great day on Saturday, visiting the largest ever exhibition of Henry Moore sculptures at Kew Gardens that I thought I would share some photos.

The different textures are fascinating. Some are so smooth from being stroked over the years. Each time they are exhibited they are cleaned and given a new coat of beeswax.

As you walk round the sculptures and look through the holes or gaps in them, the sculpture becomes a frame and your view of the surroundings change. I can't remember what these are made out but the colour is gorgeous.

The pieces are so huge that they had to be lifted over the gates of Kew by crane.

Mother and child was one of his favourite themes.

These lines are so simple with the spine protruding, and just calling out to be stroked.

Whilst the exhibition is only on for about another ten days, you can also see his sculptures at his home at Perry Green in Hertfordshire.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

No stitching!

Its a month since I last posted anything on this blog, and felt I ought to give some sort of exlanation. Its also a month since I did any stitching. The time spent stitching is now time I spend on my course, which I am thoroughly loving. My creativity hasn't disappeared completely, however, as I am keeping a personal blog of my reflections as a new/mature learner and including lots of my own sketches and images on that. Its very personal though and definitely not for sharing!

Hubs and I have booked ourselves onto a weekend printmaking course in Suffolk in April, which includes collagraphs, so will post some pics of that in due course. This should be quite a relaxing weekend too as we don't have to take anything with us as everything is provided.

Additionally, I have booked a week's summer school at Missenden with Heather Power on bookmaking. I love her work and still use the notes I made on a day class I did with her at Art Van Go many years ago. It was definitely Heather Power that got me into bookmaking. She has a lot to answer for!