Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Little pink book

At our last ZigZag meeting Gina showed us how to do cutwork using free machine embroidery. I loved the technique and couldn't wait to develop this further. So using one of my gravestones as inspiration, I took a small section from this photo

and created this little pink book which stands up on its spine. Its quite tiny, 4 inches tall by 3 inches wide.

To open, the front flaps down, and it can then be used as a normal book.

I wonder how small a book I can make? That might be my next challenge.


Gina said...

The book is beautiful (as always) Lesley - looking forward to seeing it. The smallest one I've made is about 2" x 1.5". Cute but not very practical!

Terracota army sounds interesting - you obviously enjoyed it.

Gina x

Joyce said...

Love the little book! Enjoying everything you are doing. Do you know if the Terracotta soldiers will be in the USA anytime in the future? I would love to see that showing.