Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Sugar and vinegar mixture

In the C&G Yahoo group we have been discussing ideas how to create textures, and I happened to mention something we did on our C&G course which was to mix sugar with vinegar to make a really thick paste. I then made marks in it with a fork - bit like the mashed potato on the top of shepherds pie - and left it to dry until it hardened.

Here is a picture of my completed texture board from two years ago and the sugar/vinegar paste is the last of the smaller images on the right handside, above the bark rubbing. It has a wonderful translucent look to it.

I have just come across my old notes two which says two parts of sugar and one of vinegar but I recall that was a bit runny.

Other textures on the board were created from:
Acrylic paint
Bark rubbing
Tissue paper scrunched up
Egg shells
Angel hair wrapping paper

I can't believe this was two years ago now. This time next year I will have completed my training course as a Study Skills Tutor and be remembering how nervous I am feeling this week, and wondering why on earth I have signed up to do it! We have our first contact day on Saturday, and having seen the course assignments now I am panic stricken! Perhaps I will get more stitching done as a diversionary tactic from writing essays.


Dale Anne said...

I understand all the others, but how did you do the bottom one.....the one that looks like wood grain.
I guess I could go and find the crackle paints in the city......

MargaretR said...

That was very interesting and reminded me of using sugar and Reckits blue(the fabric whitener)to transfer patterns to embroider. I was very young and made my own designs, then used this blue paste, let it dry and turned it upside down on the fabric and ironed it. It worked just like like a bought transfer.

Leanne Hurren said...

What is a study skills tutor Lesley? It sounds interesting